Devesh Kumar DubeySuccess story

My journey as a runner was started in November 2016 with Arun Mishra sir who has motivated me on every step. Getting inspired from him, I practiced a lot with full dedication and participated in numbers of marathon and several events.

Each day till now is started with morning walk run and saying hello to the refreshing morning. With my unconditional dedication, blessings and support of family and elders, I have been emerged out as the good runner of the Lucknow city.

Marathon I have run

LCHM (Lucknow City Half Marathon) held in February was the first half marathon I have run. It was my life’s most exciting and memorable experience that I never forget. Enjoying the awesome experience, later than I ran 6 Half Marathon and 2 Full Marathon. After the marathon, I have also participated in one Tuffman series in Shimla.

  • Half marathon I ran
  • Noida Grand Marathon
  • IDBI New Delhi Marathon
  • Corbett Marathon
  • Hyderabad Marathon
  • LCHM
  • Satara Marathon

1st prize in full marathon

Organize by my company ZTE Telecom India Pvt, I ran in 2 full marathon. It was really the biggest achievement for me to receive the1st prize in Full Marathon.

Tuffman series in Shimla

Recently, I participated in Tuffman series of 50Km Shimla Ultra Mashobara in June 2017. The tuffman race was challenging ultra experience which provides the whole new rejuvenating experience. Exploring the scenic view of the nature along with running is highly revamping for me and all the runners.

I participated in 10K Event including Hindustan 10K Event and Mango Foundation 10 K Event and it was a satisfying feeling and a sense of achievement to be the part of such largest and prestigious event.